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The Only TRUE Cold Atmospheric Plasma Provider in the Pacific Northwest Region

Glow Skin Science specializes in 5 different types of Plasma Energy Treatments

Introducing True Cold Atmospheric Plasma (CAP)

The Evolution of Plasma Fibroblast​

(something available for all skin types)

What is Cold Atmospheric Plasma?

According to physics, there is only ONE COLD PLASMA (Non-Thermal) and it must be produced by using conductive gas support like Helium, Argon, Neon, Hydrogen, etc. Many plasma devices on the market call themselves ‘cold atmospheric plasma’, but if they don’t use gas support, they are still thermal and are NOT REAL Cold Plasma at all. 

What is Cold Plasma used for?

For many years, Cold Atmospheric Plasma, (CAP) has been used in the medical field for its antibacterial effect, fungi-destroying feature, and virus inactivation due to the photon and ozone it produces post surgery. It provides very strong ozonation and sterilization in the environment where it is applied, without using any chemicals, and doesn’t produce any heat, making it great for any skin type. It’s cold to the touch and produces antioxidant properties that can help protect the skin from free radicals, which can cause damage to the cells and contribute to the signs of aging. It is a great treatment for acne, cold sores, stimulates hair growth, eczema, rosacea, psoriasis, wound healing, diabetic foot, nail fungus as it heals, disinfects, rejuvenates, oxygenates, resurfaces textured skin, diminishes discoloration, reverses sun damage and reduces inflammation. Cold Plasma promotes healing and relieves the skin without pain, heat sensation, redness, swelling, crusting, or any other side effects and is great for teens. Cold Atmospheric Plasma can be used immediately after the Fusion Plasma treatment to help with inflammation and induce healing. 

 *Remember: REAL Cold Atmospheric Plasma, (CAP), can only be generated using an inert gas like (helium, argon, etc.) Our device uses Argon. Devices that don’t connect to gas are NOT real Cold Plasma. They are thermal (Hot) plasma.

CAP Therapy - Cold plasma treatments are effective for these aesthetic indications:

  • Suppressing acne and balancing sebum production

  • Decreasing the symptoms of seborrhea, eczema, atopic dermatitis, perioral dermatitis, rosacea, psoriasis, topical steroid withdrawal, and the like – Soothing inflamed, irritated and dehydrated skin

  • Reduces inflammation 

  • Speeds healing time

  • Lightens hyperpigmentation

  • Long-term anti-aging impact

  • Improves absorption of peels and skincare products 


Boosting Absorption of Active Ingredients 

Research shows that atmospheric plasma increases epidermal permeability, in the first 12 hours after treatment by 24%.

Cold plasma treatment aids the insertion of active ingredients into the skin (e.g. by electroporation + iontophoresis) to significantly increase the absorption, and therefore the impact, of these ingredients on the skin.


Pain-free Treatment with No Downtime

The cold plasma treatments cause no pain or discomfort. These cold treatments do not inflict any skin ablation, and therefore require no downtime.


Super Effective Acne Treatment

For patients suffering from acne (including adult acne, papules and pustules), CAP Therapy is extremely effective in:

  • Destroying P. acne bacteria  
    (Safe for 12 yrs old and up.)

  • Quickly reducing skin inflammation

  • Soothing the Skin

  • Preventing acne reoccurrence,
    by balancing sebum production


Relief for Problematic and Irritated Skin

The oxidative stress of (CAP Therapy cold atmospheric plasma has an antioxidant impact on the skin immune system.

It reduces the damaging effect of chronic skin diseases – such as atopic dermatitis, eczema, and seborrhea – which manifest in inflamed, irritated, dehydrated, and rough skin.


Skin Regeneration & Anti-Aging Impact

Cold plasma therapy is a powerful anti-aging treatment and an incredible treatment used for topical steroid withdrawal (TSW). Until late 2022, TSW warriors needed to travel to the UK or Thailand to be treated with true CAP therapy, but we are now happy to say, treatment is now available in the Seattle, Washington area United States.

CAP Plasma Therapy:

  • Triggers division of the basal cells – Stimulates epidermal regeneration

  • Boosts production of new collagen

  • Stimulates formation of new blood vessels, thus assists in healing wounds

  • Strengthens the skin immune system and the epidermal barrier

  • Improves intercellular communication


Anti-Inflammatory & Discoloration

Atopic oxygen in atmospheric cold plasma has a brightening/healing effect – It oxygenates the melanin in epidermal skin stains.

Cold plasma is especially effective for hyper-pigmented inflammatory skin disorders (such as melasma, acne & rosacea) under which an inflammatory process takes place – By reducing the inflammation, the plasma also reduces the level of hemoglobin around the skin lesions.



Introductory Pricing -
Series of 3-9 is recommended


Cold Plasma Luxx Energy Lift $350 (Reg. $450)

Our breakthrough Cold Plasma Gas infuses every layer, effectively correcting discoloration, acne, eczema, rosacea, psoriasis, fungal and other irritations without the need for painful or invasive treatments, promotes cellular regeneration, anti-aging and strengthens the skin's natural barrier, restoring elasticity, promoting a glowing complexion. Includes enzyme exfoliation, extractions if needed, Dermaplane, exosome infusion & LED light or custom mask. Packages available.

Add-on BioRePeel $100


Cold Plasma Energy Facial $250 (Reg. $350)

Includes enzyme exfoliation, peptide infusion, LED light therapy. no down time, healing, rejuvenating, & effectively corrects acne & scarring, eczema, psoriasis, & discoloration. Stimulates collagen, elastin, & improves skin tone, texture, increases product absorption & effectively reverses signs of aging. For long lasting  results a series is recommended. 

Add-on BioRePeel $100
Add-on Exosomes $45


Cold Plasma Acne Energy Facial $250 (Reg. $350)

Cold Plasma is for everyone, has no down time, healing, rejuvenating, & effectively corrects acne & scarring, eczema, psoriasis, & hyperpigmentation. Improves skin tone/texture, increases product absorption & effectively reverses signs of aging. For long lasting results, a series of 3-9. We recommend sessions once every 7 days in a series for optimal results. Includes extractions, enzyme exfoliation, LED light therapy and cryo mask. 

Add-on BioRePeel $100

Add-on Exosomes $45

Cold Plasma Hair Restoration $275 (Reg. $350)

Includes SERA Hair Boosting Mesotherapy 

(6-8 is recommended. Save 15% OFF with pre-paid pkg.)


Express Cold Plasma Treatment $150 (Reg. $300)

Includes LED Light therapy
(Express treatment intended for those on a budget that want nothing but CAP therapy.)

We want you to fall in love with CAP Therapy just like we did, so we made these services very affordable, and hope you give it a try.

Add-on Cold Plasma to any skin treatment $79 (Reg. $300)

Ozone Jet Plasma Pen
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