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Plasma Fusion
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What is Fusion Plasma?
Fusion plasma is a treatment utilizing both Thermal/Warm Plasma and Non-Thermal/Cold Plasma treatment to tighten and heal the skin.

Warm plasma is the evolution of Fibroblast plasma pen treatments.  This gentle warm plasma treatment is non-invasive and produces a large arc (flare) when high-frequency plasma ionizes the gas in the air. There is a fluttering spray of plasma that flutters over the epidermis creating tiny white pale flat dots on the skin. The damage to the epidermis is minimal as the energy reaches the cellular level. Although thermal energy is produced, the plasma cools down very quickly as it reaches the cellular level resulting in minimal discomfort and surface injury with minimal downtime. Warm plasma is Thermal Plasma and offers a non-surgical alternative to many skin conditions that previously only surgery could achieve. This is a great complimentary service for Fibroblast Skin Tightening treatments.


Warm Plasma can be used for:


  • Non-surgical eyelid lifting (non-surgical blepharoplasty)

  • Rejuvenation of creases or wrinkles around the mouth (smoker lines) and eyes (crow’s feet) 

  • Acne clearing and scar improvement 

  • Reducing pigment spots 

  • Reducing stretch marks and loose skin. 

  • Skin rejuvenation, lifting, and tightening on face, neck, and body

  • Fusion Plasma gives the skin a lifted effect and promotes collagen production. A full-face treatment can be done in less than an hour. 



How many treatments are required for Warm Plasma?

Cases can be different, but typically non-surgical eye lifts and skin rejuvenation take one or two sessions to obtain the desired result. However, the majority of patients respond positively after one session. Patients will see preliminary results instantly and the results will continue to improve over the next 90 days. 

What are the side effects?

There are virtually no side effects with Cold Atmospheric Plasma Treatments. Warm Plasma Fusion side effects include inflammation and flushing of the treated area, which may last for 2-3 days. When treating around the eyes, it may last longer, 5-7 days, and there may be swelling for the first couple of days. This procedure does not leave the traditional dots that a Plasma Pen/Fibroblast treatment leaves. The skin will feel tighter instantly and will continue to tighten during the healing process. It is important not to pick or scratch the area. Allow crusts to disappear without interference. Consultation is mandatory.

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